Why do you have nits

Why do you have nits?

Sometimes it's hard to understand the meaning of yourdreaming. Consider what the nits are dreaming about. The person who dreamed of nits in his hair can expect to receive a new job or a profitable business, which he had long dreamed of. Dream nits indicate an increase in wages or the possibility of obtaining a long-desired thing.

Other interpretations of sleep

The following are other interpretations of sleep about nits.

  • To comb them out of hair means to receive a greater material benefit;
  • combed nits speak of minor dislocations in matters that can only become a push to increase the impact of their work;
  • To comb out the nits from a completely stranger means to be dependent on him financially;
  • The nits in bed indicate an approaching romantic dinner;
  • to put pressure on nits in your dreams means fully realizing your plans, not paying attention to difficulties;
  • The dreaming process of nit-picking speaks about the possibility of improving one's own financial position, which, after all, it will not be possible to use;
  • comb out the nits comb - to recount the money.

Nits can portend a long, very painstakingand quite a fruitful work. To kill them in a dream is to cope with difficulties. Sometimes a dream associated with nits indicates obstacles to obtaining financial benefits.

The person who dreamed of nits, willa very good day. He can safely count on the realization of everything conceived, the success and reward of all the labors. Now you know what the nits may be dreaming about. Perhaps you will be interested in our article.

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