Why culture of behavior is so important

Anastasia Sergeeva

Why is culture of behavior so important?

The culture of behavior is a good indicator of the general education and upbringing of a person. It is precisely part of the culture of behavior that is etiquette, without knowing the rules of which in different situations it is almost impossible to integrate comfortably into modern society.

Culture of human behavior

Culture of behaviorcombines the rules, norms, spiritual and moral values ​​that govern how a person behaves in society and what will be his relationship with other members of society.

Man in society

On this basis, the culture of behavior is divided into internal and external.

Internal culture of behavior

Moral qualities and principles, moral values ​​and ideals of a person - this is what is included in the internal culture of behavior. It is determined by the presence of kindness, courage, mercy, benevolence, a sense of justice and a sense of duty, honesty, politeness and many other inner qualities, which, in turn, determine the personality and character of a person.

External culture of behavior

General manners, norms and rules of behavioral and speech etiquette, knowledge and willingness to comply with them constitute the external culture of human behavior. It finds its manifestation in everyday life and society.


As a rule, internal culture is directly connected with external culture and exerts its influence on it. However, external culture is not always a direct reflection of internal culture, and sometimes it can even enter into a frank contradiction with it: thus, the lack of morality and moral principles is compensated for some time by manifestations of external culture, when a person wants to seem more polite, more gracious and more pleasant than he is in fact.

At the same time, such a move is impossible in the opposite direction: a weak external culture always indicates the appropriate level of internal culture.

Parenting in the family

Internal culture depends on many different factors of influence - such as upbringing and microclimate in the family, the influence of the school / working group and other environment in which people live, and even the influence of the media. But external culture and work on it are those knowledge and skills, the acquisition of which each of us can consciously worry about.

Basic rules of behavior culture

Practically for every life situation and public place a certain set of rules can be distinguished, which should be followed, for example, in a hospital, at an airport, in a theater, etc. We will consider the most general rules of behavior culture of people who are especially useful in everyday life. .

  • Do not forget to greet people. Even with those you are not familiar with - a simple nod of the head is unlikely to make it difficult for you. And sometimes you can greet a stranger, for example, when traveling together in an elevator or walking dogs.
  • When you go somewhere - in a building or in transport - first of all, always let out those who want to go out, and then enter yourself.


  • Culture of behaviorand modesty is good friends, so try not to show off anything to people, especially those younger than you.
  • If a person has some noticeable flaws in appearance or even serious flaws, there is no need to look at it - in any case, no more and no longer than a person of standard appearance.
  • The culture of behavior of the strong half of humanity will increase significantly if you only begin to give up space in transport for women with heavy bags, the elderly, the disabled and pregnant, open the doors for them and let them go ahead.


  • Respect the health of non-smokers and smoke only in specially designated places. If you are visiting, then, in a pinch, quit smoking outside; to smoke on the balcony or “in the window”, first obtain the permission of the owner.
  • In the store and the pharmacy, determine in advance with the goods that you want to buy - it is ugly to make the queue behind you languish waiting for you to remember everything you need and come up with a couple more items along the way.

Rules of conduct on the street

In addition to the rules of the road, there are other rules that should be followed on the street if you want to be known as a educated person with a high culture of behavior.

  • Give way to those who are in a hurry.
  • In the crowd do not break your way with your elbows.

Street behavior

  • Be especially attentive to older people, parents with children, people with disabilities and young children.
  • On the narrow road, remember that you are not alone. Do not occupy the entire width of the pavement. Going to the company, the more space for passers-by, going faster than you.
  • When you meet with a friend, do not stop talking in the middle of the sidewalk.

Ask for directions

  • If you need to ask for directions, do not forget about polite treatment and gratitude.
  • Do not throw garbage anywhere, except for specially designed for this urn and tanks.

Transport Behavior Culture

Peculiar rules of etiquette exist for urban transport:

  • While waiting for your bus, follow the order of the queue.
  • If you are traveling with a friend or acquaintance, or talking on the phone, try to make it as quiet and unobtrusive as possible.

The queue for transport

  • Do not eat anything in the transport.
  • Help in buses and buses to transfer money for travel. And pay it for yourself, of course.
  • Remember that you are in the transport - not the only passenger, behave carefully, do not push, do not step on anyone's feet.
  • Do not push your way through the exit, ask if anyone comes out at your bus stop. If they ask you about this - answer and skip the person so that you can pass by.
  • Do not take in public transport seats designed for the disabled, the elderly and passengers with children, give them the usual places.

In transport

Eating takes a large and important part of our lives, so another rule, without which a high culture of human behavior is impossible - these are the rules of behavior at the table.

Culture behavior in school

Separately, let's talk about the rules of behavior of school-age children.Culture of behaviorand the relationship in this case implies that schoolchildren should respect teachers and all school employees. Under any circumstances, a “teacher-student” relationship should be maintained, even in communication with the junior teaching staff. Children do not interfere in the personal life of teachers and other students.


When meeting with the teacher, schoolchildren greet them first. We must not forget about the culture of speech: it should not be jargon, obscene language, rude and offensive expressions; raising the tone for the teacher is also not worth it.

Pupils should not create unrest on the school grounds, run, shout, get involved in arguments and fights with other students, use physical force.


Damage to school property and a high culture of behavior are also incompatible, so the child must understand that drawing on school furniture, spitting, and sticking gum is bad. Accordingly, children must maintain order, maintain cleanliness, and not litter in school.

Students should come to the lesson neatly dressed,without being late, and best of all - twenty minutes before the start of the first scheduled lesson, especially in the winter period, in order to have time to change into shoes and get ready for classes.

Goes to school

By the beginning of the lesson children should sit in their places. When a teacher enters the classroom, the children get up to greet him and wait for him to answer, giving a signal to sit down.

The culture of behavior in the classroom provides attention and silence on the part of students. Children should understand that study time is intended, in fact, for learning, and you can always relax and chat at recess. Answering the teacher's questions or asking a question to him, the child himself can, raising his hand and waiting for the teacher's reaction.

In the classroom behavior

Pupils cannot leave the school during school time without the knowledge of the teachers. In the lesson, if the student needs to go out, he raises his hand and asks for permission from the teacher.

Teaching students the rules of etiquette, however, do not forget to think about yourself, that is, about whether you have worked well on your own culture of behavior at work and whether you are familiar enough with business etiquette.

And with the help of this video you can work on another part of the culture of behavior - the road! Beginners and experienced motorists note.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important

    Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important Why culture of behavior is so important