Where do pigs live

Where do pigs live?

If you decide to have a pig, then you probablyThe question of its content is acute. And we are not talking about nutrition, but about the conditions of her living. What is good for one breed of pigs is bad for another, especially if you are pursuing a specific goal when buying an animal.

First we will understand where pigs live.

where pigs live

Since the pig is already a domesticated animalmore than 7 thousand years, they live, as a rule, in a specially built pigsty or in a barn converted for him. If we are talking about dwarf rocks like mini-pigs, they are kept in a city apartment or a country house, like ordinary cats.
From the conditions of the pigsty will depend on the weight, worn out, the quality of meat and the health of the animal.

Conditions of keeping pigs

Where does the pig live?In a pigsty, - most people will answer, and this is true. It should be noted that in such a room should be warm. And different breeds of animals and their age require different atmospheres. A certain temperature, where pigs live, should be maintained all year round. Temperature preferences are associated with the level of accumulated fat in the body pigs. On average, kids feel comfortable at a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. For grown-up individuals, whose weight has not yet reached 90 kg, the content is suitable in conditions from 14 to 20 degrees Celsius. Adult individuals feel great at a temperature of 12 to 16 degrees. It is important that there are no drafts, and humidity does not exceed 85% in the place where pigs live.

where the pig lives in a pigsty

Consequences of incorrect content

If you ignore these conditions, you can getunpleasant consequences from negligent maintenance of pigs. For example, if the temperature regime is disturbed and the pig starts to freeze, this will lead to an increased calorie expenditure to maintain body temperature. The animal will begin to eat more, and the increased appetite will affect the breeder's budget. In this case, the quality of pork will suffer.
At an elevated temperature in pigs, on the contrary, the appetite disappears. This, of course, badly affects the health of the pig and the quality of meat.
In the pigsty, you need to install a heating and temperature control system to prevent the animals from freezing in winter and overheat in the summer.

where pigs live in a stable

In a place where pigs live, there must be cleanliness,so that they do not suffer from infectious diseases. By itself, pig refers to clean animals. She never arranges a toilet at her feeder and in the place where she sleeps. The animal prefers emptying as far as possible from these places. The master's task is to provide her with so much space that the pig herself can organize her toilet away from the feeder. The approach to the toilet should be comfortable for the breeder, so that he has easy access for cleaning. Accordingly, to maintain the place where live pigs (in the stable), clean is necessary, not allowing dirt.
At the place of sleep, you need to spread out a lot of straw so that the pig does not freeze during the night.


Lighting in the pigsty is also not the lastrole. The room should have many large windows to be well illuminated by daylight. Pigs like to bask in the sun. But since the active day is more than the daytime, it is necessary to provide the pigsty with artificial lighting. This is especially important during the sowing season of small sows.
The paddock itself should have an open-air pen. Walking in the fresh air to the animal is necessary.
Good ventilation in the penny itself is also needed. Another need to provide space in the room for cleaning pigs with a drain of liquid.
Bringing water to the pigsty will greatly facilitate the maintenance of animals. Pigs always need clean water, which changes daily and pours several times.


Where does the pig live - in a stable or a pigsty? And if this is a small mini-pig, whose height does not reach 60 cm in length?

There is such a breed, derived artificiallymethod of crossing the fold of a pig and wild boar, - mini-pi. These are small pigs, which can be planted in a city apartment. And some mini-pigs are introduced as pets instead of a cat and dogs, and some breeders arrange a small pigsty in the apartments, breed animals and sell for meat.

where the pig lives in a stable or pigsty

For whatever purposes the pigs start, certain conditions must be created for them in the apartment.

  1. Absence of slippery floors. It is difficult for pigs to move on their feet through the laminate. Their legs are constantly moving apart, and the pigs often get dislocated limbs.
  2. Need to equip the couch. The best place to relax is a small cozy cottage built on the floor of which you need to put a lot of cloth rags.
  3. A pig does not sleep well in daylight. But if she gets into her house, where it's dark and warm, she can go to sleep.
  4. Organize the tray to go to the toilet. Mini-pigs are easily accustomed to the tray and never walk past it.
  5. Mini-pigs need clean street air. Arrange for constant ventilation in the apartment, opening windows more often. If there is no possibility to walk every day with a pig, arrange for them a balcony under the pen.

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