When to cut hair: useful tips

When to cut hair: useful tips

Haircut - one of the varieties of both masculineand female hairstyles. There is a huge variety of types and forms of haircuts, and their task is to make us more attractive, younger, more interesting. However, there are cases in which haircuts are not a tribute to fashion, but an urgent necessity.

Indications for use

1. So, when to cut hair is necessary? First of all, if they are very rare in your children. By the way, the Caucasian and Oriental peoples still have a custom: little girls are sheared almost naked, and then they have grown luxurious head of hair. This is done to strengthen the hair follicles, so that the hair grows evenly and thick. This is also the practice for boys. In general, toddlers after a year hairdressers recommend to make on heads "boxing" since the original infant hair could sometimes be pumped up, and in those places appear bald patches.

2.when to cut hairThe next option when cutting hairit is necessary, if they are not only rare, but also very thin. People with this type of hair have a hard time, especially women. Their braids are thin and have no appearance. Traditional "knots" and "ghouls," as well as tails and positions, do not save: the skin is clearly visible through the strands. And only short haircuts and appropriate styling give the hair the missing volume.

3. Further, when cutting hair - if they are weakened after curling, repeated painting, with splitting of tips and active falling out after the winter period, severe illness or other unfavorable factors. The structure of the hair is broken, they become dull and lifeless, "climb" when combing or even if the strands are slightly tugging - these signs indicate that the extra load in the form of a long length is completely useless. But the haircut will not only update your appearance, but also have a positive effect on the condition of the hairline. In addition, this is the case when cutting hair well with a hot scissors. You can combine the creation of your new image with the treatment of problem areas. However, except haircuts, to bring the head in the proper form, the hair needs special care and nourishment. These are therapeutic shampoos, health-improving, firming masks, balms and conditioners, and in general, a full sparing regimen.when you need to cut hair

4. And, of course, when you need to cut your hair - if your hair has lost its appearance, the head looks sloppy. This is usually done once a month and a half, depending on the speed of growth and each person individually.

Let's consult with the Moon

However, everything is not as simple as it seems. It's not enough to make a decision and go to the hairdresser's. It is still necessary to know on what day it is best to help yourself, and not to hurt and not remain completely bald. After all, our ancestors noticed at what time hair grows better, when strength is gained, and when, on the contrary, they relax or weaken. In addition, it is believed that the haircut changes the human biofield, and this is serious enough. Therefore, when you need to cut your hair, pay attention to:

  • when you need to cut hairMoon phases. Let the master take care of you in the full moon. Then the hair will grow faster. If the moon is decreasing, the growth will slow down somewhat, but the hair will become more obedient and fit better in the hair. And drop out will be much less. But in the satanic lunar days do not take chances, you will not get positive results;
  • day of the week. Sunday exclude immediately. But Monday and Tuesday are almost perfect. You will not only renew yourself, but also your energy, get strength to solve important problems. Thursday in this regard, too, is excellent, will help attract good luck.

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  • When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips When to cut hair: useful tips