What to give for March 8 Tips for men

Maria Soboleva

What to give for March 8? Tips for men

Every year at the beginning of spring millions of men share a common problem -what to give for March 8? But this task is really not an easy one - there are many women to be congratulated, and the gifts for them should be different. We will help with ideas for choosing gifts.

How to choose a gift for March 8?

Women's holiday, of course, is a romantic event, but men on the eve of this date are not at all up to sentiment.

First of all, it’s worth thinking about it beforehand, even making a list of ladies with whom you intend to donate something. And to start the search, too, ahead of time, so that in a hurry and rush on the last day not to buy everything that came to hand.

Man and gifts

Secondly, choosing what to give for March 8, proceed from the fact who you are a woman or girl. Wives, brides and loved ones with whom you have a close relationship, it is worth making more expensive gifts.

Colleagues and friends suit nice souvenirs.

Thirdly, consider the age of the one to whom the gift is intended. Surely bright jewelry does not fit an adult lady, and girls too early to give jewelry.

Gift to mother on March 8

Of course, flowers are classics of the genre.They need to give on March 8 to all close women. Mom - first. But this is not enough.

A basket of flowers

What to do to those who, due to the age of their own funds for the purchase of the gift does not have?

Homemade gifts

In this case, the best idea is to make a gift to mom with your own hands.

Cards with flowers

For example, a three-dimensional postcard with beautiful paper flowers or an original bouquet: we glue paper daisies and in the middle we place photos of the children - my mother's favorite “flowers”. Even if you are an only child, your pictures at different ages are fine enough to arrange such a bouquet.

Flower with photo DIY

Search the Internet for master classes on making all sorts of cute gizmos. For example, you can make beautiful gift candles from ordinary paraffin, using more different dyes, flavors and all sorts of things - from seashells and dried flowers to multi-colored beads.

Which one elseoriginal gift on March 8do yourself a mom:

  • kitchen gizmos: pot holders, aprons, napkins;
  • cosmetic bag, needle case, cushion;
  • homemade vase, candlestick;
  • photo collage, family tree;
  • personally decorated album or photo frame;
  • bouquet of sweets;
  • flower arrangement - ikebana.

Ikebana mom as a gift

What is better to buy mom as a gift?

Working children can afford to buy something valuable for mom. But again, everyone has different financial capabilities. If you can afford jewelery, then you will have no problems presenting you on March 8th mother - give her earrings, a chain or a ring.

You want to make mommy's chores easier in the kitchen - buy a slow cooker, blender, yogurt maker, something from healthy kitchen gadgets: an electric grater for vegetables, electronic spoon-scales.

Spoon spoon

Mom can give:

  • bed linen, bathrobe, towels;
  • blanket, bedspread, tablecloth;
  • purse bag;
  • hair dryer, iron, massager, tonometer.

You know that one of the things your mom needs now is to choose something useful.


Inexpensive, but nice - we offer to give:

  • aroma lamp, table lamp;
  • tea set, bakeware, bulk jars;
  • cosmetics;
  • something related to my mom's hobby (flower pots, garden watering can, sewing and knitting kits).

Flower pots

What to give to his wife?

Immediately warn - well, at least on March 8, you should not give your wives, even the most economic, pans, pots, kitchen appliances, bed linen and towels - what the whole family will use.

Please your beloved woman with what is intended for her personally. More on this later, but for now ...

Stay a knight (or gentleman)

Start the morning romantically - take the trouble to get up early and prepare a light holiday breakfast, and let your wife rest on the kitchen that day.

If your gift is compact (jewelry), then the box can be hidden in a bouquet or flower basket, hinting that they are with a surprise.

Bouquet of flowers

While the spouse admires your idea and identifies flowers in a vase, open a bottle of champagne and drink a glass for a women's holiday.

Do you know how to still surprise your wife? Go shopping with her that day and let her choose what she has long dreamed of in the store - new boots, a bag or a jewel.

Ideas valuable gifts to his wife

By the way, modern women will appreciate the technical innovations. If you don’t know what to give, give your wife a laptop, tablet, e-book or a fancy phone.

The tablet

A good option for my wife would be a certificate for purchase, a subscription to a beauty salon.

And here are some more ideas on what to give your soul mate:

  • order her congratulations on a billboard - well, who among the ladies will not appreciate your public declaration of love;
  • dedicate this day to your wife - go together to a restaurant, to a theater, to a concert (wherever she wants);
  • if you want to give perfume, you need to be sure that this is exactly the scent of which she dreams.

What to give to his wife if the money is not enough

We hope, in general, it is clear that they give women on March 8 in the presence of an innocent amount in their pocket. And if you are experiencing financial difficulties (temporary, of course), what to do?

Arrange your wife a day of unforgettable impressions - because there is so little attention and excitement. Invite your spouse for a romantic walk through your dear places, go to the cinema, as in your youth, to the skating rink, to the museum (this is inexpensive).

Prepare a romantic dinner in which the main thing is not the number of dishes, but a pleasant atmosphere.

Romantic dinner

Variations of the continuation of the evening come up with yourself ...

Gift Ideas for the girlfriend

You are in love and are almost ready to make an offer, but still only in the status of the groom.

Arrange on this day a joint holiday for two:

  • invite your favorite horse ride, water park, concert, dinner in a restaurant;
  • go to a country hotel, to the tourist center, in a small romantic tour for a couple of days;
  • order a photo session in the salon - joint, of course.

Beloved girl can give a gift on March 8, the opportunity to visit the spa treatments or exotic in the form of Thai massage.

SPA treatments

And also a certificate for attending courses she had long dreamed of — Spanish, salsa, belly dancing, photoshop, and more.

And what to give to the girl with whom you are just starting a romance? Something costly is inappropriate, but cute things will come in handy:

  • a bouquet of small soft toys;
  • something from jewelry;
  • all sorts of sweets;
  • jewelry box;
  • cosmetic bag;
  • cup with her photo.

Of intangible gifts, she will appreciate a pleasant evening in a coffee shop or a fun party at the club (depending on what she likes).

Congratulations to employees - what to give colleagues on March 8

Bouquets and sweets - things, of course, pleasant, but too traditional. And if you show a little imagination and slightly diversify the range?

Well, for example, office ladies can give:

  • original mice and mats;
  • the lamps illuminating the keyboard;
  • pretty office like pens with a calculator, notebooks, desk calendars with the image of each colleague, unusual stands for paper clips;
  • vases, figurines, decorative fountains.

Decorative Vases

It is appropriate to give to colleagues:

  • decorative candles;
  • LED lights;
  • aroma lamps;
  • kits for sushi;
  • good tea or coffee;
  • cup coasters.

And from the bottom of the heart, your employees will be delighted with the previously thought-out and rehearsed comic greeting, in which you will have something to say about each woman.

Corporate gifts for March 8

If your company decided to congratulate female colleagues and give corporate gifts, then the options might be:

  • gift certificates to shops of perfumery, household appliances, jewelry;
  • the organization of a joint campaign of your ladies to the sauna, water park, bowling alley or cafe;
  • electronic photo frames, coffee grinders;
  • ideas are more modest: teapots, flower vases, wine glasses.

What flowers give on March 8? It does not have to be a bouquet, it looks very nice one large flower, beautifully packaged, or a live flowering plant in a pot.

And an indispensable attribute of the holiday should be sincere compliments, warm words from the heart, because you have the best mother in the world, the most beloved wife,wonderful sister and just great colleagues.

You can find out what women want on March 8 by watching this video:

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men

    What to give for March 8 Tips for men