The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs

The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs

Like any other technique, TVs canFail and suddenly fail. At the same time, these failures manifest themselves regardless of the service life of the device. For example, sometimes the TV does not turn on. When trying to turn it on again, various indicators blink and also click the relay. There may be other "symptoms". Let's look at why TVs refuse to work and what to do in this situation.

Common causes of malfunctions

This problem can appear in a variety of ways.reasons. It happens that the LED indicators flash as usual, but the TV still does not want to start. Also, the indicator lights red, but the device can not be controlled from the remote control and does not turn does not turn on Often the TV does not turn on either from the remote control or from thefrom the button. The indicator does not light on the case. Another symptom - inside the body something clicks, buzzes. The device produces various, sometimes rather strange sounds, but it still does not turn on.

Indicators flash

If they blink on the case, then the deviceindependently conducts diagnostics and will soon find out the cause of the malfunction. Often on different models, you can observe that the lamp or LED flashes a number of times. So he reports a specific error. Some of the codes to them can be found in the instruction manual. In TV manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, Panasonic, and others, there is a self-diagnostic function. The central processor on the data buses receives information from the main devices and units. If a faulty node is detected, the processor will block the activation command. Therefore, if the Philips TV does not turn on, but the indicator flashes, you need to read the error and decode it. Then you can try to fix the problem. Also a similar symptom is manifested when the TV panel acts as a computer monitor. If the PC went into sleep mode or turned off, then the LCD panel flashes several times when the power button on the remote control is pressed.

Indicators are always lit

A glowing diode informs the user thatThe power supply unit of the device normally receives the supply voltages. What if the TV does not turn on and does not respond to signals from the control panel? The first is to try to turn it on using the buttons on the TV itself. Probably, the malfunction is caused by an incorrect work of the panel or any errors connected with it. But certainly not here is not the fault of the TV itself.does not turn on the TV lg If the LG TV does not turn on and is observedsimilar symptoms, then the whole thing in ceramic resistance is 4.7 kOhm. It is located near the processor - this is a cliff. Replacing the resistor will help restore the device. You can take several actions. First of all, check if the batteries in the remote control are working and whether the contacts are oxidized. Next, check the infrared emitter and its integrity. Then the buttons are diagnosed. They can stick, because of what the panel and does not respond to commands. If the Samsung TV does not turn on, but the light is on, then the cause should be looked for in electronic components. Something caused a change in the properties of the capacitors, so the power supply can no longer provide the device with a normal start. The only nuance is the localization of this fault will take some time.does not turn on the TV filips Also, experts recommend dismantling the consolemanagement and clean it from the inside. They often accumulate dust. This does not have the best effect on the operation of the device. If the console was filled with coffee, beer or any other liquid and can no longer work, then it's easier to buy a new one. If after pressing the buttons on the control panel the LCD TV does not turn on, then there are only two possible options, why it happened.


This is one possible reason. The TV in this case can make attempts to start, but after a few seconds the screen goes out or completely stops responding to all attempts to start it. The main and popular reason for this problem is the failure in the supply of electricity to the home network. The power system in modern TVs likes stable and high-quality voltage. The most effective way to solve this problem is to completely disconnect the device. This can be done by pulling the plug out of the socket. After a while the device will be restored. If there are constant problems with voltages, then the best solution is to turn on the TV via stabilizers, uninterruptible power supplies or at least through standard network filters. But best of all, if you want to avoid such problems, turn off the panel when you leave the house. Then you will not be wondering why the TV does not turn on.

Faults in the processor

Modern TV panels are equipped with a huge amount of control electronics. Schematically they are small PCs with a separate CPU that manages all the important processors.TV does not turn on For example, if we consider the schematic diagramLED-TV, it is seen that the control voltage on the LED-diode comes through the contact Stand-by and transistor. If there is a short circuit, the TV will not turn on. Then you can not do without calling specialists in the service center. Of course, if you have the knowledge and necessary skills, you can try to solve the problem yourself. However, the trouble is that there are no electrical diagrams of TV sets freely available. And without them, fixing the panel is very difficult.

TV does not turn on, the indicators do not light

These symptoms are directly or indirectly associated withlack of electrical power. If the lamp just burned out, then the device would function in the normal mode (no indication). If this happens, then do not panic. First, you need to exclude all possible malfunctions, which are corrected by yourself. But there are situations and more complicated. For example, the LG TV does not turn on, and the problem lies in the breakage of the fuse resistor.does not turn on the television philips Through these resistors, the circuit receives a voltage of +12 V. After replacing the element, the TV operates normally.

No voltage in the outlet

Sometimes unnoticed automatically turn offswitches in switchboards. Malfunctions occur in the outlet itself. This is diagnosed using an indicator or a multimeter. If there is no power, check the machine. If it does not help, change the outlet.

Extension cord defective

This is a common reason why the TV does not turn on.why the TV does not turn on You can check it simply - if the device works from the socket, and does not want to run through the extension cable, then the problem is clearly in the wire.

Invalid mode selection

It often happens that a person accidentally orintentionally chooses unsuitable operating modes of the device. In this case, the TV can turn off and not turn on or go into sleep mode. In this case, reset the settings to factory settings.

Malfunctions of electronic components

As already noted above, if not includedTV Philips, this is due to the failed electronic components. For example, for some reason, resistors or capacitors burned. The actual problem is the fuses.the TV does not turn on Diagnostics and repair of similar faultsit is better to trust professionals. Self-repair can be very expensive. If Philips TV does not turn on, this is due to the broken capacitor in the power supply. As a result, the circuit is fed with 13 V instead of the desired 18.5. This is often the cause of the breakdown. Without the necessary knowledge to identify this problem independently is very difficult - it is the work of service engineers.


If the Samsung TV does not turn on (and thisconcerns any marks), it does not mean that it is broken irrevocably. It can be revived in simple ways. But if the problem is in capacitors or a resistor, without proper experience it is not necessary to take up repairs.

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  • The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs The TV does not turn on: causes and repairs