The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

general description

Contradictory and emotional - these two words perfectly describe the character that distinguishes a female Scorpio. In general, its characteristic is quite fascinating.

Picture of a woman in a brown with a scorpion tailUnder the mask of tranquility and poise there is a whole hurricane of emotions that is not so difficult to wake up. And then others will surely know what they are doing wrong.

To single out such a representative of the beautiful half of humanity in a crowd is simple: she is distinguished by a small stature, a good figure, and facial features indicate strength and masculinity.

She keeps her figure in top shape by visiting the gym.

If you look into her eyes, it will seem that she attracts as attracts. When meeting can make quite a strong impression on men and women.

By nature, the Scorpio woman is closed and rarely shows to others what she is really thinking about. Share something personal and reveal the soul, it can only very close people.

The eyes of such a girl give out a strong and emotional nature.In her eyes can be felt emotion, strong emotions, about which she herself will not tell.

With problems she fights with her method, deciding only what worries her at the moment. Long-term problems can wait until better times.

In everyday life, she is a very friendly and helpful person who will not refuse to help. But it concerns close people.

Scorpio woman does not tolerate lies, self-interest and hypocrisy. She has a short conversation with such people.

In love, she is guided by reason, not letting her cover her head. And it is “with the head” that she chooses her life partner.

A man should love her and give her confidence in the future, without failing or deceiving her.

In marriage, a Scorpio woman will be an excellent mistress, a faithful wife and a caring mother.For her chosen one she will go anywhere. Only the birth of a child can change this attitude.

What will 2016 bring?

Girl in yellow holds a scorpionThe Scorpio woman in the previous year faced various problems, and 2016 will be decisive.

It can also be called a turning point in many areas.

At the beginning of the year, the horoscope promised a surge of strength.These forces went to the realization of ideas, the implementation of ideas.

And the second half of the year will show how successful the ideas were. If it seems to you that something is not going at all as planned, do not stop.

It is possible that after the summer everything will change. You should not stop in any of the spheres. This applies to work, and family, and love.

Self-reliance, focus on results - all this will help to succeed and will attract positive changes.

In summer and autumn, 2016 will bring many interesting events. These are work projects and new ideas that will help to improve the financial side.

2016 promises to be successful in monetary matters. As for love, from the middle of spring personal life will go uphill.

It is possible that 2016 will give you a loved one or push him to take decisive action. And, maybe, you at last decide on replenishment of a family. Anything can happen.

In addition, 2016 is rich in new feelings and emotions, and all will be positive. It remains only to find out which of the unions will be the most successful.

Choosing the right pair

Man hugs woman and kisses on cheekThe Scorpio woman is a fastidious representative of the beautiful half of humanity who needs a lover who would meet all her requirements.

And in order for the relationship to be long-term, and the marriage successful, it is important to pay attention to the compatibility of the couple.

Such a couple has everything: passion, harmony, mutual understanding, love. A Scorpio woman, choosing such a representative of a strong half of humanity, will not be disappointed.

In addition, they will have high compatibility in bed, which will have a great effect on relationships. However, in this case there is no need to talk about quiet family happiness.

A man will dip her into a whirlpool of passions and feelings. On the one hand, these are new impressions, and on the other, lack of calm.

If a woman Scorpio will yield to her lover and take all the care of the house upon herself, then the marriage can be strong and the compatibility high.


The girl sits on the bull and holds it by the horns.High compatibility and common union. Both the female Scorpio and the male Taurus are strong personalities who pay attention not only to love, but also to mutual respect.

Scorpio appreciates in a partner perseverance, independence and confidence in the future, a man loves her femininity and strength.

A man in such a marriage will be happy, acting as head of the family.


Unusual union and not the highest compatibility.If a man in a pair is independent and is inconsistent, then the woman is measured and extremely jealous.

There will be intense passions and constant showdowns between them, until one of the partners breaks this circle.

For long-term relationships, they should find someone else, but for a short-term romance - the very thing, since they have high compatibility in sex, and the novel will be remembered for a long time.

And 2016 can just bring these two together for new experiences.

The horoscope in such a pair assigns the dominant place to Scorpio. Such a representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be able to inspire and conquer Cancer, changing his life for the better.

Although a woman may be irritated by the passivity and some slowness of the partner.

But if she learns not to pay attention to this, the man will be happy, and harmony will reign in the couple. In the sexual sphere, the horoscope promises high compatibility.

Zodiac sign - LeoSuch a relationship is war. Both man and woman are distinguished by strong characters, which will be a stumbling block.

Any clarification of the relationship between lovers will remove them, inflicting wounds.

And if the scorpion's wounds heal quickly, then Leo will be very worried that will affect his self-esteem.

For coexistence, they must make compromises.Otherwise, from such a relationship will both come out crippled.

These partners have a lot in common. They are linked by similar ideals and strength of characters. But, unlike Leo, this force does not destroy, but creates.

The horoscope promises a couple harmony, mutual aid, strong friendship. The moderation and tranquility of the Virgin is compensated by the fire and emotionality of Scorpio.

With her, a man will not get bored. The year 2016 will bring such a pair of many positive moments and changes for the better.

To predict the development of relations in this case is very difficult. The horoscope describes them both as very successful, and as a complete collapse.

But it depends more and more on Libra. If a man wants to make a happy Scorpion, he will do it in full. The couple will have quarrels and reconciliation, but they will be comfortable together.


Scorpio in the sandThe horoscope describes the compatibility as very low. Two explosive personalities do not get along together.

Everything can start like a hurricane, continue with a typhoon and end with lightning speed.

Why? They will be in constant war: for superiority, for a pedestal, for command. Getting along with them is almost impossible.

2016 can bring a good short-term love affair with such a man to a Scorpio woman.


Relationships of such a couple are passionate, but rarely long.Sagittarius loves freedom and independence, and for Scorpio - it is a blow to vanity and constant jealousy.

In addition, a man is unlikely to be faithful, and a woman to forgive even ordinary flirting. They will part when they get tired of the struggle and desire to change the partner.


Very often, such a union is strong. Each of them used to rely on themselves, but in marriage a man will be able to give confidence to a woman, which will make her docile mistress.

The horoscope says that if they go through the first period of adjustment, then they will hardly be willing to part. Loyalty, reliability, stability - that will unite them.


Water pours from a jug into the seaDifficult relationships and low compatibility.

In sex, they will be fine, but when they have to solve other issues, conflicts will begin.

Different characters and goals in life - it will dissolve them in different directions.

The horoscope describes such a union as successful, in which high compatibility and common interests.

Loyalty and constancy, emotionality and the desire to develop - all this will unite the couple and not let them part.

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  • The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

    The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

    The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

    The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

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    The perfect guy for a scorpion woman

    The perfect guy for a scorpion woman