The best ideas pillows do it yourself
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The best ideas pillows do it yourself

Properly selected decorative pillows are a great decoration for home interior. In order not to waste precious time searching, try to make pillows with your own hands - especially since there are now many options for decoration.

Ideas for the decoration of cushions

As a rule, in each house there are old small pillows, which, unfortunately, do not fit the overall design at all. They are easy to transform with the help of available tools.

Surround flower

Flowers in the interior always look advantageous - both live and artificial. Think about it when making your own pillow case. You will need an old pad, thick felt and a beautiful big button - you can replace it with a brooch in the shape of a cold porcelain flower, for example.

  • On a clean sheet of A4 format, draw the patterns of the petals of the future flower in four sizes - use the examples presented in the photo. Cut them out.

Petal patterns

  • Using the pattern, prepare the petals of felt: you should have 12 of the largest blanks, 11 - a little smaller, 8 medium and 7 smallest. The number of petals can be increased or decreased as desired - it all depends on the size of your pillow and the density of the elements in the composition.
  • Determine the place of the pillowcase on which you will place the application - for example, in the master class the flower is slightly offset to one of the corners.
  • Spread the largest petals on the product in a circle. Wrap the bottom corners of the blanks and pin a pin to the base.

Pin pin

  • Sew the first circle of petals - this is easy to do manually - then remove the auxiliary pins. Pre-blanks can be fixed with silicate or super glue.

Fixing the first layer

  • In the same way, secure the second circle of blanks.

Fixing the second layer

  • The third circle is sewn according to the same pattern.

Pinning the third layer

  • The petals of the fourth circle do not need to be bent when fastening - the brooch will hide their edges.

Fixing the fourth layer

  • Sew or glue a button to the center of the composition.

Button fastening

Your flower is ready!

Cushion with flower

Experiment by combining the petals of different colors, texture and density.

Bagel cushion

If you are a fan of original solutions,This pillow in the shape of a bagel will definitely suit your taste! Such decorative pillows with your own hands are very convenient - thanks to the design features, you can give it a shape that will be convenient for you.

Bagel cushion

  • Take a strip of fabric with approximate parameters 20x100 centimeters (do not forget about the seam allowances). You can use your own measurements. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the front side facing inwards. Stitch around the edge.

Stocking preparation

  • Leave one side wide.

Free edge

  • Tighten the resulting stocking with padding polyester.

Pillow filling

  • Sew the remaining side of the stocking with a secret seam.

Secret seam

  • Cut a lot of small squares out of white felt and glue them or sew them to the upper side of the future pillow - they will serve as an imitation of sugar topping.

Fastening felt

  • Twist the edges of the pillow and sew them up as shown in the photo.

Curling pillow

A more creative option: when stuffing a stocking, stick a wire the same length as the pad. After you sew the edge, just twist it into the bagel with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself pillows

Recently, sofa cushions-letters made by hand are becoming very popular - the first letter of the name, for example, is used as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Usually each seamstress uses his own measurements when sewing, but if you decide to sew pillows-letters for the first time, you can use a ready-made dimensional scheme - this master class shows how to make a soft “A”.

Pillow measurements

  • Build the pillow patterns as shown in the diagram: there should be 2 details of the letter in the mirror image (front and back) and a strip about 10 centimeters wide with a length equal to the length of the edge of the letter. Do not forget also about the inner edge of the letter A - its hole - and seam allowances.

Pillow drawing

  • First, sew those seams that are shown in white in the diagram, joining the details face down. The inner band must be sewn to only one side of the letter A at this stage, otherwise you will not be able to turn the product.

Pillow pattern

  • After performing the previous steps, you should have a hole at the bottom (in the photo - C) of the letter and not sewn to one side a strip in the inner hole (in the photo - D). Turn the product face out. Attach the inner back part to the other side.
  • Tightly tamp down the product with padding polyester or cloth edges. Now you just have to finish drilling hole C at the bottom of the pillow.

Note to parents: using such a “soft” alphabet, it is easy and interesting for children to learn letters and make up their first words.

Pillow example

To understand the intricate process will help the training video:

Children's pillows - creative ideas

It is better to stylize children's soft pillows made with your own hands, creating them in the form of your favorite fairy-tale characters, characters from cartoons or animals - bright colors will attract the attention of your baby. So, the pillow will surely become his favorite toy.

Soft cat

You will get a nice soft cat if you use ordinary white matter and special markers on the fabric.

  • Use the finished pattern to draw the details of the product.

Cat pattern

  • You should get on the preparation of each part in a mirror image: for the body, tail and ornamental fish.

Pillow details

  • Sew the tail details with each other, leaving the bottom free, and fill it with padding polyester. Attach to each other the details of the front and back of the front side, leaving a small hole in the attachment of the tail. Turn it face out, tightly stuffed with padding polyester.

The connection of the cat parts

  • Insert the tail, then sew the hole with a hidden seam.
  • Use markers to paint the animal, focusing on a photo example.

Soft cat

The same actions should be repeated with fish, which can be used as an addition to the pillow, and as independent toys.

Pillow owl

You need to sew a pillow in the shape of an owl with your own hands using the appliqué method - this style is also a bit like a patchwork pillow. If you make it small, you get a cute toy.

  • On graph paper, draw the patterns for the torso parts.

Owl drawing

  • Using the pattern, draw out and cut out all the details of the future product - 2 identical blanks for the front and back, eyes, wings, pupils and one for the beak.

Preparing the owl details

  • Lay out the details of the face in the right places, sew them up with your own hands, or stitch them on a typewriter and iron it well.

Sewing muzzle

  • Pin the wings in the right place and sew them in the same way as the eyes and beak.

Fastening wings

  • Cut the front and back and put them together face down. Sew along the edge, leaving a hole at the bottom.

Stitching owl pieces

  • Fill the pillow with soft material and sew the remaining hole with a hidden stitch.

Ready owl pillow

As you can see, with such a pad you can not only sleep, but also play.

Valentine pillow

The pillow can be not only a decor item, but also an excellent gift for people dear to you for such holidays: Valentine's Day, Birthday, New Year.

Below is one of the simplest, but very cute options for a heart pillow with your own hands.

  • Prepare 2 square cuts of neutral color fabric with a side of 40 or 45 centimeters.
  • Make a small heart pattern out of paper. With it, cut a lot of blanks from white fabric and one from red. Use the felt - so you do not have to stitch or burn the ends of the figures.

Felt Hearts

  • Lay the hearts on the front side of the pillow in even rows under each other - the red figure should be in one of the center rows. Pin the hearts on the fabric with pins.

Heart pinning

  • On the sewing machine, stitch straight vertical lines that will pass through the axis of symmetry of all the hearts in a row. Remove pins.

Heart Strapping

  • Sew the back of the pillow with the wrong side out, leaving a small hole. Turn the product face out, fill the pad, and then sew the remaining hole.

Cushion with hearts

Valentine pillow is ready! It will help prove that you have a very soft and warm heart.

Cushion with hearts

Another option for a simple pillow with your hands from scratch, you can peep in the following video:


Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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