Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

Miniature tale

Designers have long been famous for the most useful toy, as soon as they are able to cause genuine delight in a child.

The entrance to the park LegolandIn the world of constant competition, LEGO takes the lead. His homeland is good old Denmark. It was here in 1934 by a certain gentleman from the town of Billund that the first toy, Lego, was created, and after fifteen years, the first block of the designer of the same name, which appeared today, was made of plastic.

When ordering tours to Denmark with a visit to Legoland Park, an ordinary tourist or family can not imagine what an amazing world awaits them outside the gates of this fabulous country. Here in miniature are presented:

  • animals and birds;
  • cars;
  • pirates and indians;
  • valiant knights.

All of them are created from a variety of small light blocks that kids love to play. Each figure or creation is as close as possible to our life and is not only in constant motion, but also publishes its proper sounds. The plant world also seems alive because it produces certain flavors,which gives the overall picture confident realism. These sensations give visitors Legoland, which Denmark is famous throughout the world.

Park map with themed areasWe must not forget that Legoland Park in Denmark is visited by children of different ages, usually from 2 to 13 years. That is why its entire territory is divided into certain thematic zones. When ordering tours, this nuance must be taken into account in order to be able to visit the desired places in the amusement park.

8 zones of the Danish Legoland


The name of this world Legoland speaks for itself. Here are the "small countries":

  • Germany;
  • USA;
  • Japan;
  • Denmark.

Lego MenEven today, this part is the heart of the park, because it enjoys an incredible attendance. One gets the impression that here every street, square or port lives its own special life. No matter how long the trip is, in this part of Legoland Park you can spend hours without being tired.

Having climbed the LEGOTOP thirty-meter tower, it is possible to take a look at the entire miniature LEGO-world, enjoying the contemplation of the surroundings, and as if staying at a height of 600 meters above the ground.

Here there are many fabulous buildings in miniature:

  • floating boats and steamboats;
  • street cars;
  • fountains;
  • people eating at a restaurant or strolling slowly in parks and squares.
Of particular interest at this site of the Legoland Park is a mini-copy of the city of cinema located in Los Angeles. From the designer, film sets, movie cameras and even famous actors are modeled.

On the Silverstone racetrack, you will be offered to drive your own car on a LEGO.

Duplo land

When ordering tours to Legoland Park, be sure to check how many days you have to visit it. After all, kids should definitely frolic on this site. All the decorations here are decorated with a special soft coating that protects babies when they fall.

Children ride the trainYour child will be able to:

  • ride on the Duplo Train;
  • fly a Duplo Plane;
  • get acquainted with the real farm;
  • visit the police station and a real hospital.

Also, the children of almost a real school of young drivers of Legoland Park called Statoil Traffic School gives the kids great pleasure. The small town is filled with traffic lights, road markings and signs.After a short briefing, the baby receives transportation and travels around the city’s streets for 30 minutes in order to get a driver's license with a photograph and the flag of his country glued in.

Imagination Zone

In this part, Legoland Park has a huge 3D cinema, equipped with the latest technological innovations. Thanks to this, the viewer is able to feel:

  • floor vibration;
  • a whiff of wind;
  • the smell of smoke;
  • snowstorm;
  • breathtaking speed.

Boys collect toyNo less positive emotions in Legoland are given by the LEGO MINDSTORMS Center, in which not only their own toys are created, but also programmed at the request of the “designer”. For this, two lessons of 45 minutes each are conducted. There is a unique opportunity to play with LEGO collections, which have not yet entered retail sale.


In this small part of the theme park opens up the vast expanses of the Wild West and America.

When considering possible tours to Denmark to visit this park, make sure that you have enough time to explore the city of Leguredo.

Family in a canoe on a water attractionKids waiting here:

  • indian canoeing;
  • meeting with a real leader;
  • opportunity to work the sheriff;
  • gold mines;
  • coins of the Wild West.

Pirate land

Tours offered by the operator to Denmark are sometimes extremely stingy on “raisins”, but none will allow themselves to refuse a client to visit Legoland, which is located on the “Land of Pirates”. Always present here:

  • amazing Adventures;
  • the caves of the pirate Roger, filled with jewels;
  • sword fights aboard pirate schooners;
  • short respite and nutritious "snack".

Knight’s Kingdom

Lego lock from the designerIf your children feel like a real princess or a knight, then the money spent on tours to Denmark will turn into millions of children's smiles. The largest building here is the knight’s castle, located on an area of ​​2,500 square meters, and its observation tower allows you to view the nearby neighborhood of Legoland from a height of six-story house.

Any tedious trip is immediately forgotten due to the presence of a huge amount of sound and lighting effects, as well as the real smoke itself.

Adventure land

When purchasing tours to Legoland Park, make sure that you have enough time to visit this area, which will appeal to fans of extreme sports. Brave expect:

  • Mom and daughter are typingX-treme Racers or 400-meter hill, on which you can go down on the rollers;
  • Jungle Racers - riding on the river on gliders in the heart of the jungle;
  • overcoming a variety of obstacles;
  • cable car;
  • roller coaster.

Lego city

Whatever tours you purchase, the most memorable will be those that organizes Legoland Park to its visitors. At your service is the largest city in miniature, which has a huge factory with established production and its own fire station.

About the most important thing

Denmark has always been a fabulous country, and Legoland Park is its greatest treasure. You need to understand that it was created for a family holiday. And a trip to any other place will not be able to give those feelings and emotions that Legoland in Denmark rewards its visitors.

Therefore, when planning future tours, always be interested in how much time you can devote to an amusement park.

For everyone, the main theme park in Denmark is open from the end of March until mid-autumn. Legoland receives visitors from 10 am and until 16 or 19 pm. Two hours before the park ends, all rides are turned off.

Hotel Legoland

Whatever tours to Legoland Park you choose, always ask if it is possible to stop or book rooms in the hotel of the same name.

Dad with son in a hotel roomMany wonder why the tours in which the Legoland Hotel is so important are so important. Because only in it pointers with funny figures will lead you to the most interesting corners. Only the Legoland Hotel gives the opportunity to frolic with the kids and forget that you are an adult. Even the youngest visitors will not only get to the hotel, but will also easily find their room using special symbols. That is why such tours are so important with the possibility of accommodation at the Legoland Hotel.

Opportunities and secrets of the hotel

The proposed Legoland hotel successfully combines the true traditions of the hospitality of Denmark, a fabulous atmosphere and modern service.

The Legoland Hotel was built with a focus, primarily, on couples with children from 2 to 9 years. It is located literally at the gates of the park and it is impossible to get lost in it. The building has:

  • 176 rooms;
  • bar and restaurant;
  • children's play rooms;
  • fitness room;
  • sauna, billiards;
  • 30 meeting rooms;
  • parking;
  • room service;
  • babysitting services.


Kids in a cafeRestaurants at the Legoland Hotel are able to surprise and pamper a little guest. For them there is a children's menu, children's buffet and even a children's drink card.

Adults can eat at the bar of the main restaurant, and alcohol is also served there.


Visiting the Legoland Hotel in Denmark, you will be surprised at the names of its rooms:

  1. Family Standard. It is designed for 2 adults with two children. 22 sq.m. settled down: toilet, bathroom (with hairdryer), double bed, sofa-sofa and mini-bar. There is a trouser press, TV, telephone.
  2. Junior suite. The room is offered to parents with three kids. Room size from 30 to 35 square meters. Filling is all the same, but in addition with a kettle.
  3. Several options for a room at the Legoland HotelKids House. The same square and the same content, but the windows of these rooms overlook the park Legoland, Denmark which is very proud. As well, and such numbers. Nevertheless, the Kids House is a large room with a double bed and a sofa-sofa for three children.
  4. Room Princess room is designed for four guests, but differs from all the others by the presence of a bunk bed for the kids and the opportunity to have fun with the game set "Treasure Chest".
  5. Knight room is also designed for four people and is designed for men: a father and sons. Beyond the threshold of numbers - absolute Middle Ages. On the walls are painted castles of rough stone and with protective structures.
  6. Pirates room. The room resembles the cabin of Captain Flint. Everywhere piles of treasure and furniture from Lego cubes. The children's bunk bed is equipped with portholes, and barrels of gunpowder are located near the bed of adults.
  7. Treasure Island. A distinctive feature of the room is a huge treasure map drawn on the ceiling and an equally huge snake guard. Parents prepared a bed in strips, and a lizard, assembled from Lego, climbs on the wall.

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  • Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos

    Park and hotel Legoland in Denmark: tours and photos