Operator Martin Kenzi

Operator Martin Kenzi

Martin Kenzi - British filmmaker of the second planand the cameraman. His career is a flight with a bright take-off and enchanting landing. His professional career began with one of the most famous paintings by Stanley Kubrick, and finished in the best series of all time - "The Game of Thrones".

Early years and early career

Martin Kenzi

The future director was born on April 29, 1956 inCambridge. He began his career as an assistant to the London television company Picture Palace Productions. Then he worked for Samuelson Film Services. The first work in the movie for Martin was Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining", where he served as assistant to the operator of John Olcott. Until 1984, he continued to work in this position on the filming of various films, including the IV episode of the Star Wars "Return of the Jedi", "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Destiny" and "Journey to India."


Since the beginning of his career, Martin Kenzi has oftenhad to work as a director of the second plan. Along with the feature films, he also participated in the creation of television projects. It is believed that Martin's first job as a production director was the 1998 short film "Angels at My Bed" directed by David L. Williams, as well as the 2007 comedy Back in Business by Chris Munro.

Martin Kenzi Game of Thrones

In 1998, Martin Kenzi joined the British Society of Cinematographers as a cameraman, and later as a production director. In 2012 he was elected a full member of the society.

Death and the "Game of Thrones"

Martin Kenzi passed away in mid-July 2012.On September 2, the British Society of Cinematographers organized a memorial service in his honor. Earlier he had cancer diagnosed, and Martin operated with the financial support of McMillan's charitable foundation.

Famous television series "Game of Thrones"dedicated the premiere series of the third season "Valar Dohaeris", aired on March 31, 2013, the memory of Martin Kenzi. After all, he was the production director in four episodes of the second season: Bone Garden, Ghost of Harrenhol, The Old Gods and New, The Man without Honor. The work of Kenzi in the series was highly appreciated because of the diverse use of a thin color palette. After his death, JustGiving launched a fundraising campaign to support cancer research in the UK to improve the treatment of future patients.

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