Israel Attractions

Israel Attractions

Israel is in the south-western part of Asia.This small country is of great interest in society. In the north - mountains, in the south - desert, next to developed cities - uninhabited expanses. The country has a rich historical past, there are many ancient historical monuments, religious shrines and various attractions of Israel.

The climate of Israel

This state will not leave anyone indifferent -neither a connoisseur of antiquity, nor a diver. In delight will be and one who came just to sunbathe on the local beaches or see the sights of Israel. Every year tourists from all over the world come here, as here one can see with their own eyes ancient cities with their ruins, visit the coasts of two seas, look at architectural monuments and, in addition, get healthier at this mud resorts.

The climate of Israel is subtropical.In summer there is very little rainfall, so during the hot season, there is a significant shortage of fresh water. Snow falls once a year, but Mount Hermon is sheltered to them all winter. At this time of year, the air temperature is relatively low, but the temperature of the sea water almost never drops below 18 degrees.

The best time to travel to the country isname the period from October to April. Although January is usually a pretty rainy month, so it can be ruled out. In summer it is unlikely to get a rest because of the high temperature of the air.

As we have already said, most tourists go to the country to see the famous sights of Israel. They include the following:

- The most famous and ancient city of the country -Jerusalem. It contains the shrines of three religions. Christians will be interested in the church of St. Anna, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Mourning Road, Judaists - Mount Zion and the Western Wall, Muslims will visit the Kipat a Cel and the Mosque of Al-Aqsa. The sights of this city can be listed for a very long time, but it is better to see everything with your own eyes.

Israel Attractions

- The ancient settlement of Jaffa, which today has grownto the size of a full-fledged city. If you believe the legends, there was Noah, Perseus and many other famous personalities. It is even compared with a fairy tale, its workshops, museums and oriental bazaars can hit any visitor.

- The largest port of the country is Haifa with its famous Bahai temple, the largest in Israel National Park and the monastery of the Order of the Carmelites.

- The ancient capital of the Crusaders Akko. Here and today you can see the buildings of those times, which are well preserved thanks to the high walls of the city.

- The realm of diamonds, citrus orchards and, of course, tourists - Netanya. In addition, the city is famous for its clean beaches and museums.

- The city that Herod built - Caesarea. This place is called a paradise for archeologists and other lovers of antiquity. Here, to our days, perfectly preserved whole streets with ancient buildings.

Sanatoriums of IsraelTalking about the sights of Israel, you can notnot to say about the Dead Sea. Its name was received because of the high concentration of salt in its water. Therefore, only a few species of bacteria can survive here. And the density of water is so high that you can not drown in it. The healing properties of mud from the Dead Sea are well known. Here, even the sanatoria of Israel have been built for this purpose, where asthmatic patients and people with joint and skin problems come. Also, these salts and mud are widely used in cosmetology.

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  • Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions Israel Attractions