How to sew a chair

How to sew a chair?

All people tend to surround themselves with comfort,especially at home. The most optimal solution would be furniture that fits individually for each. This is the frameless armchair. Such chairs, ottomans and even sofas can be purchased in a furniture store, and you can sew yourself. When you learn how to sew a chair, you will be able to choose its size and trim, which will best fit into the interior of your room. So, let's find out how to make your dream come true.

Filler for frameless furniture

Soft rags are mostly filledcrumb of expanded polystyrene. These are balls, from which the plates of foam plastic are made, several millimeters in size. This material is very practical, because the granules are soft, have no hygienic contraindications, are sufficiently ecological, are not subject to rotting processes, do not absorb moisture, are not habitat for insects or harmful bacteria.

When you choose a filler for the chair,pay attention to the size of the pellets, this should be small balls, crumbs, which are not so available on sale. But, having made efforts, nevertheless it is possible to find in furniture firms. One of the options - buy a piece of polystyrene foam in the online store. Those who wondered how to sew a soft chair know that crumbs will need a lot, about a cubic meter. For those who are not afraid of laborious work, you can buy foam plates, and then independently crush them. It can take quite a while, and it will take a lot of effort, as it will have to crumble a lot of balls. A large amount of crumb is needed not only for the product itself, but also for storage, because in time the styrofoam balls under pressure force are colored and compacted, so you have to change the filling.

An alternative to expanded polystyrene can bearomatic hay or buckwheat husks, even peanuts. But all these materials quickly absorb moisture, so do not use them for the chair you want to place near the water. In any case, this stuffing should be changed once or twice a year.

Models and materials

If you do not know how to sew framelesschair, be stocked first of all with a cloth for two covers: the inner one, into which you fill the filler, and the outer one. Both cases must have a snake so that it is easy to replace the filler or wash the cover. Of course, you will need strong threads, needles, preferably a sewing machine, a seat filler and a pattern paper.

The choice of fabric depends on the style of the chair, but forouter cover is recommended, nevertheless, a dense fabric such as corduroy, canvas, denim, upholstery, or imitation leather. The color and pattern on the fabric depends on the intended purpose and the color scheme of the room in which the armchair will stand. For children's small armchairs bright colors are suitable, for a teenager, especially a boy, you can sew a chair with black and white patches so that it resembles a football, for public places, low-key tones and washable fabrics will suit.

In shape, frameless chairs can resemblean ottoman, or a rectangular pillow, but more often people are wondering how to sew a pear chair. If desired, you can create your own pattern of any shape.

Sewing a frameless chair

If you have purchased all the necessary materials,decided on the form, stocked with filler, then you can safely proceed to sewing a chair. The first step is a pattern. For the pear seat, you will need to cut out six side wedges, a hexagonal top and a semicircular bottom. Do not forget that you make two covers, so each element will have to be duplicated. When you cut out all the parts of the chair from the fabric, you can sew the base, but before you scribbled on the typewriter, be sure to sweep. Next, sew the zipper so that the seam passes at a distance of not less than half a centimeter from the teeth. Now you can sew all six wedges of the chair, smooth out the seams, turn over to the front side and stitch the seam on both sides, only then you can connect the last wedge. Now that you know how to sew a bag chair, you can confirm that this is not so difficult.

So, sew the top of the chair, connecting firstthe joints of the side wedges, after which the allowances should be ironed to the side parts and stitched. Similarly, you need to sew the bottom of the chair. When both cases are ready, insert the inner cover into the outer cover and fill it with expanded polystyrene or another filler chosen by you. Zip the zippers and on this work can be considered complete. If there are questions on the pattern, here is an example of personal experience in sewing a pear chair. Do not be afraid to try!

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