How to make lip gloss

How to make lip gloss?

Every woman and girl at least once in her life paintedlips, and many do it all the time. Some of them use lipsticks and shines bought in stores, and some use shines of their own making. In this article, we will describe a few recipes on how to make lip gloss.

To begin with, it is worth noting that most of thewomen use shine to increase their lips, however, improperly painted lips are unlikely to give you seduction. On how to paint lips, you learn from another article of our site - "How to paint your lips?".

How to Make Lip Gloss: Ideas

Here are a few options for combining ingredients, you can fully follow the recipes, and you can make adjustments to taste:

  • Orange-chocolate shine: half a teaspoon of beeswax, a tablespoon of cocoa butter, a few drops of vitamin E (it is better to use vitamin in capsules), a few drops of essential oil of sweet orange.
  • Mint shine. Ingredients: beeswax (5 grams), sweet almond oil (4 grams), do not mix it with bitter (it can not be used), a couple drops of mint essential oil, a few drops of vitamin E.
  • Vanilla shine: 10 ml of vanilla pods macerated, 3 g of mango oil, 4 ml of jojoba oil, 2 g of carnauba wax, 2 g of beeswax, several drops of vitamin E.

How to make shine: instruction

At the heart of the preparation of shine lies one sequence of actions:

  • First, you need to melt on the water bath solid ingredients, such as: beeswax, mango oil, palm wax. It is to melt, do not overheat the ingredients.
  • Melt ingredients carefully mix and slightly cool before adding essential oils and vitamin E.
  • After adding the remaining ingredients, shine thoroughly and pour into a jar or other storage container.
  • Before use, the gloss must be cooled. Cool only in natural conditions.

How to Make Lip Gloss: recommendations

  • The main thing is the use of quality ingredients.
  • Before deciding to add any oil to the gloss recipe, examine its effects on the skin, and make sure that you do not have allergies to it.
  • Do not do much gloss at once, it is better to use it for 2-3 weeks.
  • For storage it is better to use glass jars.
  • If you like spangles, then you can add candy to pastry glitters.
  • If you like color shine, add a little color lipstick when preparing.
  • Use enamel or glassware to create a steam bath, do not melt the ingredients in a metal container.
  • If your recipe does not contain any solid constituents, do not expose it to heat.

In addition, if you have not completelyused cosmetics, lip gloss can be made with its use: the remnants of your favorite lipstick mixed with cosmetic Vaseline. So you will get a beautiful shine with a slight shade of your favorite color. If desired, you can also add to your shine a favorite essential oil for flavoring.

Now you know how to make lip gloss at home, and after reading this article, you understand that it's quite simple.

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