How to cook brussels sprouts

How to cook brussels sprouts?

Interesting Facts

Brussels sprouts in the gardenThe peculiarity of the Brussels sprouts is that this plant has not previously been found in nature.

A vegetable appeared thanks to the breeding work carried out by scientists from Brussels. Hence the name of the cabbage - Brussels.

The main “ancestor” of this vegetable was the cabbage, and the first mention of the new variety appeared only at the end of the XVIII century.

Therefore, this culture can be safely attributed to one of the youngest. For the first time, our compatriots were able to get acquainted with the Brussels sprouts in the XIX century.

However, despite the fact that the dishes from this vegetable were excellent, he could not settle down in our climatic conditions.

The culture is most popular in the countries of Western Europe and North America. She is especially loved by the British and Americans.

The usefulness of the Brussels sprouts lies in its rich composition of trace elements.

Here you will find:

  • salts of many trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine);
  • various amino acids;
  • the presence of enzymes;
  • fiber richness;
  • A lot of useful vitamins and carotene.

Such a variety of useful elements in aggregate exceeds the performance of other types of cabbage.

Therefore, experts insist that the dishes from this vegetable should certainly be present in the diet of every person who cares about their health and longevity.

It is highly recommended to use Brussels sprouts for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system or have recently undergone surgery in this area.

This vegetable will be able to increase immunity stability, will have an anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is desirable to use dishes from it during the fortifying therapy. Brussels sprouts have their own special taste, which is difficult to confuse with something.

And if you still do not know how to prepare dishes from this culture, then you should try at least one recipe that we offer. Sure - you will love it!

Recipes for every day

You can cook from Brussels sprouts a variety of dishes: soup, hot snacks,Baked Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and Garlicsoft or hearty salads, main dishes.

Delicious this culture can be both boiled and fried, stewed, baked or steamed. At the same time the cabbage itself can be frozen or fresh, only from the store.

Combining it with various products, you can get excellent dishes that will delight you with excellent taste and beautiful appearance.

Brussels sprouts in Italian

This recipe is one of the most loved by many. It is easy to cook, but it turns out a tasty and light snack.

Take 0.5 kg of Brussels sprouts, 1 tbsp. milk, 2 tbsp. flour and the same amount of butter, thick cream and cheese (pre-rub it).

You will also need 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, a little nutmeg, black pepper and salt.

For starters, you should take a cabbage and put it in a pan with a little salted water. Put the dishes on the fire and boil the vegetables for a couple of minutes. In no case do not let the cooking. Next, go to the cooking sauce.Brussels sprouts in Italian on a plate

Here you need to lightly fry the flour in butter, and then add milk and cream to the pan.

Now do not forget to stir the contents of the pan over low heat.

After the sauce thickens, pour lemon juice into the mixture and add spices. Now pour the cabbage into the sauce and simmer the vegetables for 5 minutes.

Once ready, shift the dish to a beautiful dish, sprinkle with cheese and serve on the table.

Brussels sprouts soupBrussels sprouts soup

In Europe, the first courses cooked with the addition of small cabbage loaves are very popular.

And this is not surprising, because such a soup or broth in its properties is as useful as chicken.

We offer you a simple recipe that you can easily cook every day.

For its preparation, you will need: chicken hearts (200 g), carrots and celery root (1 pc. Each), onions (1 pc.), Potatoes (4-5 pcs.), A little Brussels cabbage (200 g), greens and spices (to taste).

The recipe itself is very simple. Initially, put the chicken hearts in a saucepan on the fire. While they are boiled, you should wash, peel and grate carrots and celery root.

Onions should also be peeled and cut into very small cubes. Add chopped vegetables to the broth, which is already boiling.

Potatoes should also be washed, peeled and cut into small cubes.Also send it to the pot where the soup is cooked. After 10 minutes you can fall asleep cabbages, add salt and bring to a boil.

When the soup is almost ready, add some greens and turn off the heat. Now give time to soup, and can serve it on the table.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup in the plateThis recipe is suitable for making easy first course.

In addition to Brussels sprouts (250 g), you will need ½ head of ordinary cabbage, two potatoes, one carrot and one onion, 100 g of canned peas, herbs and spices to taste and some vegetable oil for frying.

All this is needed to cook the soup. This soup is prepared in vegetable broth, so it is perfect for those who adhere to the post or just worried about his figure.

First prepare the vegetables. They should be washed, cleaned (if necessary) and grind.

Cabbage, potatoes, onions and greens are cut by hand, but the carrots should be grated. Brussels sprouts can also be cut in half, if caught a large Kochanchik.

Now send it along with the onion and a portion of the carrot to the pan. Let them redden in vegetable oil.You can spice them up with spices.

Boil water in a saucepan and add chopped white cabbage to it. Boil should be at least 10 minutes over medium heat.

Next you need to add the cabbage and vegetables in the pan, boil it is still 10 minutes.

Add in the soup canned peas, salt, spices, herbs and leave on the fire for 5 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, remove the soup from the heat, cover with a lid and let it brew.

True, not a complicated recipe? But what a delicious and healthy!

Chicken stew with Brussels sprouts and vegetables

Brussels sprouts braised in a frying panThis recipe is very useful to those who love to cook in a slow cooker.

Do you treat them? Then we present you a nourishing and healthy dish for your household.

So, for cooking you will need the following ingredients: chicken or chicken fillet (1 kg), cabbage frozen Brussels sprouts (400 g), one carrot, two onions, a little greens and garlic, hard cheese (for sprinkling), vegetable oil (2 tablespoons), salt and seasoning to taste.

The first step is to prepare poultry meat. Cut the chicken and cut it into small pieces. If fillet, then rinse well, peel and chop.Put the chicken in the bowl of the slow cooker.

Then rinse, peel and rub carrots. Sprinkle it with chicken meat. Crush onions, garlic and herbs, which should also be placed in the bowl to the chicken.

Add oil, salt and seasoning to taste. Set the “Frying” mode on your multicooker for the time recommended in the chicken cooking instructions.

As soon as the bowl warms up and the frying process begins, add cabbage cabbies, close the lid and wait for the signal to finish.

After it, put the dish on the heating mode and sprinkle it on top with cheese. Close the lid, wait 5 minutes.

That's all, delicious recipe dishes for your loved ones and guests ready.

Cabbage Salad

Salad of Brussels sprouts and greens in a plateDelicious snack recipe.

Take 0.5 kg of Brussels sprouts, the same cauliflower (or rather, its inflorescences), 6 tbsp. walnuts, salt and pepper to taste, a little lemon juice.

First, begin roasting the nuts.

This should be done in a clean and dry pan until they acquire a beautiful golden hue.

With periodic stirring, it will take you about three minutes. Then the Brussels cabbages should be steamed for 10 minutes.

Then add cauliflower to the same place and cook another 2 minutes. Both species should be soft to the touch.

When ready, you can put the cabbage in a plate, add salt, pepper and lemon juice, mix everything and sprinkle with nuts. And so, the salad is ready for serving.

Brussels sprouts salad with nuts in a bowl with a wooden spoonSalad with bacon and nuts

This is a hearty recipe for those who love meat and vegetables.

To prepare the dish you will need not only coaches of Brussels sprouts (400 g), but also 6 strips of smoked bacon, a third cup of white wine vinegar, 1.5 cups of maple syrup, some Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste, lettuce leaves (6 cups of sliced ​​pieces) and walnut kernels (quarter cup).

Small cabbage cabbages should be cut into slices and put in a separate bowl.

Next, take a fairly roomy pan, which has a non-stick coating, and heat it at maximum heat.

When the optimum temperature is reached, put the bacon slices in the pan and fry them on each side for at least 5 minutes.

The strips should be crispy. Put the finished pieces on a paper towel and drain the fat from the pan so that only 2 tbsp is left.

Reduce the intensity of the fire to medium-low and pour the necessary volume of vinegar and maple syrup into the pan, sprinkle with salt and seasonings, add mustard.

Well, mix everything in a pan and put the cabbage in this sauce. Cover with a lid and leave to stew for a couple of minutes.

When ready, transfer the contents of the pan to a large bowl, add lettuce leaves and mix. Sprinkle with chopped bacon on top. All salad is ready to eat.

Vegetable stews are very tasty and nourishing, in which there are small coaches. At the same time, they are perfectly combined with other types of cabbage - white, leaf, color and other varieties.

They give a special taste to meat, so many Europeans love dishes in which this culture is stewed along with pork, veal, beef and other meats.

Try different recipes to diversify the diet for yourself and your loved ones.

Eating Brussels sprouts is healthy, tasty and has a minimum of calories!

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  • How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts

    How to cook brussels sprouts