How fast can I lose 5 kg

How fast can I lose 5 kg?

The question is, how can you lose weight quickly without dieting,worries many women. The answer is the right food. When you look at lean French women, you think that they know some secret. For the whole day in Paris you will not see full women, unless they are tourists. And young, elderly, and middle-aged Parisians - absolutely all slim, elegant, elegant. One can say for sure that cute French women know 100% how to lose weight quickly at home and not be burdened with domestic chores.

In all it's not a myth that the Frenchwomen are all some kind ofspecial and endowed with a unique charm. It's not even that they are tastefully dressed, but how they walk, how they wear clothes, how they smile. It turns out that every woman in France knows how fast to lose weight by 5 kg and do not necessarily engage in grueling exercises and starve for a long time, sitting on strict diets.

Will answer the question, how can you quickly lose weight inhome conditions, and share with us the secrets of harmony French nutritionist and just a beautiful woman Marie Pierre. It is her advice and recommendations that help to develop a positive attitude towards food and the ability to correctly treat your body. Marie's recommendations give an answer to the question of how you can quickly lose weight without dieting, and are part of the French balanced nutrition program.

  1. For one sitting, take no more than 0.5 kg of food, including liquids.
  2. Develop new, completely different eating habits. If you keep the old habits, you can never lose weight.
  3. How fast to lose weight by 5 kg, if not rebuildprocesses in your body? No, since in our head the attitude towards ourselves must be reviewed, our feelings and thoughts, our psychological and spiritual spirit must change.
  4. Treat yourself as an unconditional value that no one can push to self-destructive weight loss.

These principles from Marie Pierre will help to realize thatchange easily. And more in detail to understand, as it is possible to grow thin quickly in house conditions, to us the basic rules of a delivery will help. They are easy to carry out if you tune into inner peace and self-care.

Rule one.Never eat anything. It is we who often break it and then suffer from unhealthy foods that cause excess kilograms.

Rule two.Do not eat as horrible. You just need to be aware of what you eat. How can you lose weight quickly at home, if you say and do not control the amount of food consumed during the meal.

The third rule.Do not eat with anybody. Show the hardness of the character and get to refuse the employee, who invites you once again to drink tea with biscuits and sweets.

Rule four.Do not eat anywhere. How fast to lose weight by 5 kg, if you chew in front of the TV or on the move, stuffing yourself with a hamburger, or taking food quickly running for two minutes in a cafe?

Observing these four simple rules, you candevelop a culture of eating. Knowing the suggested recommendations and techniques from a French nutritionist, you yourself can advise your friends, answering the question: "How can you lose weight fast without dieting."

In addition, you need to make sure that youdid not allow occurrence of situations of stress neither at home, nor at work. Staying in this state, you will literally "seize" stress by products that are not useful to you. Excessive consumption of baking and sweet will throw your intentions far back, and the question of how fast to lose weight by 5 kg will hang in the air for a long time. In addition, remember that you are a beautiful and interesting woman, and no matter what your weight, the main thing is that you are loved, and you just want to be a little slimmer, and thoughts about it should not be very intrusive.

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