Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters

"Gorbun", Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters

Thanks to this man and his fantasies, we are allpassionately fell in love with detectives. Legendary Arthur Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes completely changed the world of literature and addiction of readers. The stories of the famous detective who lived on Baker Street, 221b, are so interesting and fascinating that you can completely forget about everything in the world. And they were very much created by Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hunchback, The Motley Ribbon, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Study in Scarlet Tones, The Union of the Reds, The Blue Carbuncle, and so on. I want to tell a little about this unusual person.hunchbacked conan doyle

short biography

The future writer was born on May 22, 1859 inEdinburgh. He studied at a boarding school, where he first discovered a talent for writing and telling fascinating stories. Having chosen the profession of a doctor, he studies medicine and in parallel gets acquainted with many writers of the time. Trying to publish his stories, Arthur understands that he can earn with his talent. Working as a ship's doctor, he studies a difficult sea craft. Then Conan Doyle opens his own practice, devoting some time and literature. Life was well established: Arthur married, worked in the specialty and regularly published his works in popular magazines.

The spouse's illness caused the family's moving, andmaterial difficulties forced to write a lot. But still Louise died of tuberculosis. The writer married his new lover - Jean Leckie. By the way, although he had long loved her, but did not allow himself to leave his wife. As a doctor, he took part in the Boer War, and in 1902, Conan Doyle was given the title of knight. The brilliant writer died on July 7, 1930.hunchback

Interesting facts about Sherlock

In 1887 the readers got acquainted with SherlockHolmes - the hero of the work "Etude in Scarlet". And he was so fond of the demanding audience that Arthur was compelled to write new adventures of his protege on the run. For such popularity the author hated his character, but continued to write, as it was profitable: the editorial board agreed to any conditions of the writer. But when the famous detective "died" in the abyss of the waterfall, the public was greatly indignant, the sales of the magazine "Strand", where the stories of Conan Doyle were printed, fell significantly. And only the financial difficulties forced the writer to resurrect Sherlock Holmes, who had bothered him. And if not for them, the reader would have lost a lot, since these stories can be safely called masterpieces of literature. "Hunchback" (Conan Doyle), a brief summary of which we will give below, just refers to them. Therefore, we recommend everyone to read this story in full version.

Conan Doyle Hunchback Reviews

"The Hunchback" (Conan Doyle): a summary

This is one of the most interesting stories aboutthe famous detective. Therefore, just below you can read its summary. "Hunchback" is the life drama of a little man, who was spoiled by the lives of envious persons and traitors.

The story tells about life in a small townOldershot, where the military unit was based. They killed the valiant Colonel James Barclay. He was an exemplary family man, he did not like the soul in his beautiful wife, Nancy. Before that fateful evening, Mrs. Barclay left with a friend in a charity, and returned very upset. The servants heard her swearing with her husband, calling him a coward. But when they reached the room after a screaming cry, they found her without feelings, and Mr. James - dead. One of the servants heard the woman say the name David.Arthur Conan Doyle Hunchback

We continue to tell the summary. "Hunchback" is a work that is still worth reading entirely. The police came to a standstill: Mrs. Barclay was unconscious, her husband died on the spot from a skull broken by a massive truncheon (the gun was found in the room), and the woman's girlfriend did not know anything. Sherlock Holmes undertook to investigate this matter, was interested in the fact that the face of the deceased was frozen with incredible horror, and the key to the door disappeared without a trace. Also, the detective found traces on the lawn and came to the conclusion that there was someone else in the room.Conan Doyle Hunchback Main Characters

Sherlock gets down to business

After questioning Nancy's friend again, Holmes learned thatshe accidentally met with her old acquaintance - a roving cripple hunchback. Miss Morrison left them alone, and then saw how upset Mrs. Barclay. Although about this meeting she asked her friend not to tell anyone. The illustrious detective quickly finds this witness, and he reveals the truth about the fateful evening and his fate.

It turns out that the hunchback is Henry Wood, brilliantAn officer in the past, a handsome man who was supposed to marry Nancy Barclay. But just then there was a riot in the country, and their regiment was siege. Henry volunteered to go on scouting, and James Barclay decided to become his guide. The latter was himself in love with Nancy, he betrayed his friend and led him into an ambush. In captivity, Henry was mutilated, but he managed to stay alive. And only now, in the declining years, the wandering conjurer decided to visit his homeland.Arthur Conan Doyle Hunchback

What did the cripple say?

The work "Hunchback" (Conan Doyle), a shortthe content of which we tell the reader, has an absolutely unpredictable end. After a conversation with Nancy, the failed bridegroom followed her secretly. Seeing how that quarrels with her husband, he went into the house. Seeing Henry, Mr. Barkley was frightened and fell, hitting his head on the fireplace, his wife fainted. Henry first wanted to call for help and took the key, but then decided that he would be accused of murder. So the man fled, leaving his baton in the room. The hunchback story was confirmed by a medical examination, which recognized that Mr. Barkley had died as a result of a blow to his head. The case was closed. There was only an incomprehensible question about why the woman was calling some David, because the cripple was called Henry, and her husband - James. To which the brilliant detective replied that Nancy used this name as a reproach, drawing a parallel with the biblical king.hunchbacked conan doyle

Analysis of the story and reviews

"Hunchback" (Conan Doyle), a summarywhich the reader already knows - the story is not easy. He shows the drama of a man, his impotence before the world around him, flaunts the vices with which he must fight. After all, if Colonel James had not intervened during the events, Nancy and Henry were married and would be happy. He betrayed his betrayal of the girl's favor, but made her and her beloved unhappy. Yes, and he probably lost his peace, ashamed of his crime. And from such fatal mistakes, Conan Doyle tries to warn. "Gorbun", whose main characters are the detective and his friend Watson, talks about the relations of people, complex and unpredictable, teaches to be responsible for their actions.hunchbacked conan doyle

The story is written in a fascinating, easy and understandable waylanguage, which the author possessed in perfection. Everyone already knows that the creator of this creation is Arthur Conan Doyle. "Hunchback" reviews get the most positive so far. Contemporaries consider the writer a true master of his craft, because to come up with a plot and develop it in this way is very difficult. Well, Sherlock Holmes is the best image of a detective of all time.

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  • Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters Gorbun, Conan Doyle: a brief summary, the main characters