Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices

Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices

Before you begin installing the finish coatconcrete floor, it is necessary to prepare the base. In this case, we mean the evaluation of the state of the surface. First of all, the base should be flat, without cracks and other defects. From the quality of the surface will depend the final result of the finish. Before applying the impregnation, dedusting and processing with paints or varnishes, the concrete floor is polished. Let us consider this process in more detail.polishing of a wooden floor

Benefits of processing

When applying a polymer coating, for example,Properly executed work on leveling the base will ensure a reliable grip of the surface with the finishing material. Grinding increases the practicality of the floor. In this case, the surface does not require special care after carrying out the work. This, in turn, significantly reduces operating costs. Correctly carried out floor polishing eliminates the need for frequent restoration of the coating. Surface treatment makes it possible to create a perfectly flat base. For many finishing coatings this requirement is paramount. In the process of laying the bulk polymer floor in the preparation of the base includes, among other things, grinding. An untreated base absorbs moisture. When the temperature drops to minus water crystallizes, its volume increases. This, in turn, leads to the destruction of the material. Such damage is particularly bad for the ground floor.floor grinding

Where is this coating used?

The surfaces so treated were obtainedwide distribution in shops, office buildings, hangars and warehouses. Such a method of treatment is also popular in residential areas. The polished floor is appropriate in any interior. Such coverage is arranged on children's playgrounds and other outdoor facilities of an open type. As is known, concrete has a high resistance to the influence of aggressive factors and mechanical loads. The latter allows you to lay the cover in places with high traffic.

Process description

Grinding the floor is one of the varietiesbuilding treatment of the base. It is necessary to remove the old coating layer. Grinding a concrete floor is one of the most common methods of leveling a surface. Preliminary treatment of the substrate is thus carried out on the third - fifth days after pouring. The final grinding of the floor is carried out after the solution has completely hardened. During the process, pollution, defects (cracks, ripples, chipped, notches, local sags) are eliminated. If the screed is new, grinding the floor allows you to remove the lime milk from the surface. If the base is old, the upper damaged layer is removed during processing. After the work is completed, adhesion is enhanced and the whole surface is "refreshed". It should be noted that the strong wave changes in the floor screed does not eliminate the floor grinding. In fact, the equipment moves on the surface, repeating its profile. Eliminate the altitude differences can only re-cast the base.grinding the floor with a bulgarian

Types of processing

Floor grinding can be carried out dry orwet method. Depending on this, the cost of the work will be set. However, in that, and in another case, one equipment is used. The tool must be able to cope with stone and concrete surfaces.

Wet method

Such a grinding is used for a coated floorfrom marble chips or mosaic. The technology in this case involves the use of abrasive elements. As a result, an almost perfect base is formed. The surface is not externally different from the polished one. In the wet grinding process, water pumps are used.grinding the floor with your own hands

Dry method

For concrete screed specialists recommenduse this option. It should be noted that it takes more time for dry grinding than for wet sanding. In addition, during operation, a large amount of dust rises from the surface. However, this is still better than the glancing wet cement slurry. With dry grinding, visibility is better, which allows you to correct errors almost immediately. To remove dust, you can use an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Tools and equipment

The grinding of the floor with your own hands can be carried outdevices that are sold in any construction shop. Most of the tools presented on the shelves are of European manufacture. Among domestic products worthy options for today is not enough. Some masters grind the floor with a Bulgarian. However, as practice shows, surface processing with this tool is quite problematic. But, according to experts, grinders will be sufficient for grinding in a residential building. In this case, it is not advisable to purchase expensive equipment. In addition, the Bulgar can be reached in hard-to-reach places, which can not be done with a large car. To process the surface you will need a diamond bowl, an abrasive disc, two nozzles.sanding of concrete floor

Cost of work

Treatment in this way is carried out not onlyon the screed. The grinding of the wooden floor is also quite common. When laying a parquet, for example, this stage is an integral part of the installation. Prices for services today are different:

  • Grinding of a wooden floor, the area of ​​which is not less than 20 m2, at any condition of the surface with the subsequent application of three layers of varnish - 250 r / m2.
  • Improved quality processing. At the same time, 2 types of tools are used, at the end of work the surface is covered with three layers of varnish - 500 r / m2.
  • Grinding the floor area less than 20 m2 - 300 r / m2.
  • Removal of a layer of paint with the subsequent drawing of a varnish (or without it) - 400 r / m2.
  • Grinding with fine abrasive. In this case, the surface is not covered with varnish, but is prepared for laying a coating - 180 r / m2.
  • Treatment for painting - 140 r / m2.
  • Grinding of concrete or sand concrete floor with vintage strength is not more than M300 - 80 r / m2.
  • Surface treatment with polymer coating. In this case, the material is completely eliminated and leveling is performed - 110 r / m2.
  • Grinding of a concrete base with a vintage strength greater than M300 - from 90 r / m2.

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  • Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices Floor grinding. Grinding of concrete floor: prices