Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev

Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev

"Ivan's Childhood", "Military-Field Novel", ""Andrei Rublev", "Check on the roads" - films, thanks to which the audience became known talented actor Nikolai Burlyaev. By the age of 70, this amazing man managed to play more than 60 series and film projects, and also to make himself known as a director. What is known about his creative achievements, offscreen life?

Actor Nikolai Burlyaev: biography of the star

The famous person is an indigenous Muscovite. He was born in August 1946. Actor Nikolai Burlyaev was born in a creative family, his grandfather and grandmother were actors of the mobile theater. However, it was not their example that made the boy start dreaming about the acting profession in his early childhood. The neighbor of the family was the artist Boris Livanov, who became an idol for little Kolya. It was the dreams of the scene that made the child fight stuttering, which resulted from the intense stress experienced at the age of five.

actor nicholas burlyaev

It is known that for the first time the actor Nikolai Burlyaevwas on the test when he was not yet 13. And he was accompanied by his brother, who eventually got the opportunity to appear in the tape "The Lesson of History." For a while, Kolya became disillusioned with his dream, decided to stop at the profession of an architect. But fate decreed otherwise.

Debut in the movie

The life path of a talented young man predetermineda chance meeting. Actor Nikolai Burlyaev accidentally collided on the street with Andrei Konchalovsky. The director at that time studied at the last year of VGIK. He needed a teenager, able to play in his thesis, which was dubbed "Boy and Doves."

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Nicholas got the role of a child who, for the sake ofpurchase of birds, sells stamps belonging to his father. Of course, the shooting in a sad short film did not give Burlyaev a star status, but Konchalovsky introduced the novice artist Tarkovsky.

"Ivan's Childhood"

Actor Burlyaev Nikolay, photo of which can besee in this article, immediately liked Andrei Tarkovsky. The director was busy searching for a schoolboy, who can be assigned a responsible role in the military drama "Ivan's Childhood". Burlyaev was given the role of a 12-year-old orphan boy, whose family the Hitlerites killed before his eyes. Wanting to take revenge on the enemies, the hero joins the military unit and takes on the role of scout.

biography of actor Nikolay Burlyaev

If you believe the artist's memories, stutteringabsolutely did not prevent him from playing Ivan the orphan. He just convinced himself that he is a different person. The glory that struck Nicholas after the release of "Ivan's Childhood" in 1962, spread beyond the USSR.

For the sake of this role Burlyaev did a lot of swimming,since, according to the plot, his character had to swim across the Dnieper. He spent many hours in the pool. Interestingly, for the sake of new roles, the actor years later he was engaged in horse riding, fencing, figure skating. Nikolai does not consider this a victim, he is convinced that a good actor should be able to do everything.

Education, theater

The biography of actor Nikolai Burlyaev testifiesthat the theater entered his life even when he was a teenager. During the filming of the short film "Boy and Doves", the novice student met with Vladimir Shurupov, at that time - a former employee of the Mossovet Theater. A new acquaintance introduced the teenager to the management of the theater, Burlyaev began to receive roles. For example, he embodied the image of his grandson in the production of "Leningradsky Prospekt".

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By the time of graduation, the star "Ivanovachildhood "no longer doubted that he wants to become an actor. It is not surprising that he decided to become a student at the Shchukin School. Talented young man agreed to take immediately to the second course, taking into account the experience he acquired at the Mossovet Theater and on the set. Burlyaev was a classmate Vertinskaya and Mikhalkov.

"Andrei Rublev"

Actor Nikolai Burlyaev made an impression onTarkovsky still while working on "Ivan's childhood". It is not surprising that the director decided to invite the gifted artist to his new painting "Andrei Rublev", inviting him to embody the image of Boriski. The fate of the film was not easy. For five years he was not allowed to show what happened to some other pictures in which the actor starred.

The tape was released only in 1971, and the audiencecould once again be convinced of the talent Burlyaeva, brilliantly played the son of a foundry master, who had to cast a bell instead of the deceased father.

Different roles

Nikolai is an actor who never appearedclearly expressed role. For his long life in the cinema he managed to try on the most unexpected roles. In the cult film "Check on the roads", shot by Alexei Herman, the artist embodied the image of a brutal policeman. In Alexei Batalov's "The Gambler" he convincingly played the famous character of Dostoevsky, although many doubted that such a young actor could cope with this difficult role. In "The Master and Margarita" he got the image of Yeshua.

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The second starry hour was awaiting Burlyaev with an exitdrama "Military-field novel", directed by Peter Todorovsky. The actor embodied in this film the image of a former soldier who is trying to find his place in the post-war world. The picture won the love of the audience, even won the nomination for an Oscar. In the new century, Nikolai did not lose the status of a demanded actor. For example, it can be seen in the 2009 Admiral TV series.


Actor and director Nikolai Burlyaev not onlyis shot in films, but also creates his own movie. His first independent work was the tape "Vanka-Cain", which became his thesis work, when he graduated from the directing department of VGIK. The most famous picture of Burliayev-director is the drama "Lermontov", which acquaints viewers with the life of the great poet. The film received negative criticism, and Burlyaev himself earned accusations of "nationalist extremism."

Life Behind the Scenes

Of course, fans are interested not only inthe role that the actor Nikolai Burlyaev played by the age of 70. The personal life of the star of domestic cinema also occupies the public. The first spouse of the artist was his colleague Natalya Varley. The marriage was short-lived. Cooling each other, the couple decided to part ways. The role of the second wife of Burlyaeva went to Natalia Bondarchuk, from whom he has two children - a son and a daughter. Daughter Maria became an actress, son Ivan - a composer. This marriage also ended in divorce.

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The topic that the actor Nikolai does not like to discussBurlyaev, - personal life. Photo of a star with a new family can be seen above. For more than twenty years, the artist has lived with his third wife, Inga Shatova, from whom he also has two children - a daughter and a son. It is known that Inga abandoned the career of an actress for the sake of the family, now she is engaged in the affairs of her husband.

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  • Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev Director and actor Nikolai Burlyaev