Cream Oily For Cake - Cooking Sami

Cream Oily For Cake - Cooking Sami

Any cake, even the most dietary, is inconceivable withoutcream. The cream gives an additional unique taste, decorates and complements any pastries and cakes. Different people prefer different creams. Gentle, airy meringue or thick cream oil for a cake is already a matter of taste, they are all original in their own way, each has its own taste. Cakes and biscuits are decorated with the use of a confectionery bag or syringe, squeezing the cream in the form of a variety of patterns.

I wonder what else can I use the cream for? All creams, including cream oil for cake, can be served for dessert as an independent dish, and you can decorate them with cakes, buns, cakes, cookies, instead of interlayer in rolls, and also use as fillings for any confectionery products. An oil cream for decorating a cake can be used even by inexperienced housewives - you just need to take a culinary pouch, include imagination and start creating culinary miracles!

You decided to bake yourself exquisitelydessert, but still do not know how to make an oil cream for cake? I present to your attention a very simple recipe for a cream that will suit absolutely any cake or roll. Take butter butter about one hundred grams, one third glass of milk, vanilla and a glass of powdered sugar. First, start whipping the butter. Beat it up until it does not soften well. Gradually add milk and sugar powder with vanilla, whisk continuously. According to the consistency of the cream should be soft, but dense, it should well lie on the cake or biscuits. You can add coffee for a pleasant color and coffee flavor or food coloring to give an unusual color cream.

I will present several more recipes for various oil creams. All of them are delicious in their own way, you can cook cakes or cakes every weekend and experiment with these creams.

Oily cream for eclairs: everything is very simple. You will need only 200g butter and 8 tablespoons condensed milk. The oil, heated in a saucepan to the consistency of sour cream, beaten with a mixer until a white lush mass forms. Do not stop whipping, you need to pour the condensed milk and continue to beat for another five minutes. Once the mass becomes uniform and lush - the cream is ready. If you decorate the confectionery with a warm cream, the drawings will not have a relief, but the surface of the patterns will be glossy, and from the cooled cream you will get relief, matte patterns.

Oily cream - Charlotte (on eggs and milk): take 200 g of natural cream butter, 200 ml of milk, 4 tablespoons of sugar and a couple of eggs, cook the milk syrup. And it is done this way: pour the milk into a saucepan, pour in the sugar and boil, stirring constantly. In a separate bowl, pour the beaten eggs slowly into the mixture, without interrupting continuously the mass. Bring to a boil, quickly remove from heat and allow the syrup to cool. At this time, whisk pre-softened until sour cream butter. Slowly pour the cooled syrup into the butter without stopping it, and whisk everything until a lush, uniform cream is formed.

Cream oil for cake (glace): 100g butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 egg. Slightly warm the mixture of sugar and eggs in a container and start whipping with a mixer until a triple increase in volume. Do not stop whipping, let the future cream cool to room temperature. Separately, preheat and beat well the butter until lush, white and homogeneous. Mix the oil gradually with the egg-sugar mixture and whisk on until a lush, beautiful cream is obtained.

As you can see, all the recipes for cooking oil cream are very simple and fast in execution.

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