Beeline, roaming in Russia: how to connect and disconnect the service

"Beeline", roaming in Russia: how to connect and disconnect the service?

So, today we will consider that by ourselvesrepresents the service provided by Beeline, roaming in Russia. How to connect it? On which option is it better to stop? How can I refuse the relevant services? And in general, is it necessary to use roaming in Russia? Fortunately, the mobile operator offers quite a few variants of the development of events. And any subscriber is always able to use the connection that seems to him the most suitable.bileline roaming in russia how to connect

What is roaming?

But for a start: what are we talking about at all? To be honest, not all subscribers understand the term "roaming". And therefore connect it is not particularly eager. So what will we be dealing with?

Roaming is a communication service (inour case "Beeline") outside the home network. That is, when you travel, you will have this feature enabled. And to not spend too much on it, you can go to a special tariff "Beeline" - "Roaming in Russia". How to connect it? There are several options for the development of events. After all, the company has several similar services. And you can always choose the most suitable option.

My country

Perhaps, we will begin with the most advantageous offer,which only can meet with a mobile operator. There is a very advantageous variant of the "Beeline" service (roaming in Russia). How to connect "Everywhere at home"? This is the name of the best solution for travelers. It is not so difficult to do this. But for starters, a few details about this tariff.

First, now it is called otherwise. Now "Everywhere as at home" is "My country". Just a few years ago, "Beeline" changed the name of roaming. But the meaning remained the same. So do not be alarmed if you did not find the required inscription with a description on the official website.

Secondly, the subscription fee for this roamingno. For the connection you need to pay only 25 rubles. And then use it without any problems. All incoming and outgoing calls within the country, as well as SMS messages, will cost you 3 rubles. Pretty profitable, is not it?how to connect roaming on the biline in Russia

Thirdly, this option enjoys a hugepopularity. Probably because of the lack of subscription fees. To connect roaming "Beeline" across Russia "My country" aspires every traveler. So, you can trust this proposal.


But how to translate the idea into reality? In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems. Any new subscriber can use the services of "Beeline" (roaming in Russia). How to connect them?

For example, call 0611 and reporttheir intentions to the operator. With all this, you should have enough money in your account. Talk about your intentions and wait for an answer. The operator will notify you of a successful request, and a message will come to your number with a notification of the end of the operation.

If you do not know how to connect roaming to"Beeline" in Russia under the name "My country", then just use a special USSD-request. It will help quickly and without a call to the operator to join the option. Dial 0683 on the mobile phone, then click on the call button. A request will be made during which roaming will be activated.connect roaming beeline in russia my country

Refusal of the service "My country"

However, sometimes after travelingto refuse from this kind of services. This is as easy as connecting. The thing is that for this idea you should use again either the telecom operator or a special request command.

To cancel the service "My country", dial0611 (call free) and wait until they answer you. Inform the operator about the desire to refuse roaming and wait for a while. At the end of the conversation, you should receive a message with the result of processing the request.

In addition, if roaming is no longer needed, just dial 0683 and click on the call button. So there is nothing complicated in this.

There is also a non-standard solution. The matter is that since November, 26th, 2015 "My country" is inaccessible to subscribers "ALL!". If you activate this tariff plan, then roaming will be disabled.beeline internet roaming in russia connect

Home Region

However, on this our mobile operator does notstops. Some are interested in other "Beeline" services (roaming in Russia). Connect "Home region", for example, is trying a fairly large percentage of users. Only there is one small problem.

Which exactly? The matter is that this service has been archival for some time. And it is not available now for connection. No matter how hard you try, it will not work out. Only if you have already managed to join in and did not abandon the "Home Region". In this case, you will be charged a monthly fee of 90 rubles per month. So you can forget about the "Home Region" at all. This is an archive proposal. You can say irrelevant.

Trust payment

If you look at the official website of "Beeline"section "Roaming in Russia", then you can notice another rather interesting service. It's about "Trust Deed". This is a kind of credit for talking. But not everyone can take it.bileline roaming in russia connect the home region

For example, if you charge a tariff planmonthly fee, you can take "Trust Payment" within this amount. In all other cases, you need to be a Beeline subscriber for more than 3 months and spend at least 200 rubles a month on communication.

In addition, the service of providing "trustyou will pay up to 200 rubles, 15 to 400 - 25, up to 600 - 40. It is impressive, is not it? There are such interesting conditions for the operator "Beeline" (roaming in Russia) .How to connect in our case "Trustee payment "for making calls during the journey? Before that, it is worthwhile to know that you can take a maximum of 3,000 rubles in" debt "and at the same time 180 will be removed from you.

Connects to "Trust Payment" for roamingacross Russia in several ways. Firstly, you can always call the operator by number 0611 and report your intentions. Secondly, use a special request. For example, in our case, * 141 #. After that, specify the amount of payment and wait for a reply. Nothing complicated, right? But what other services can be found in the section "Roaming in Russia" from "Beeline"?

7 days of Internet

Do not forget that messages and calls arenot the only thing that interests subscribers now. Some people think about what to do if you suddenly need to go to the Internet on your "Beeline". Roaming in Russia allows you to connect a special package that simplifies the work with the mobile world wide web. And in order to do this, it's enough to add a package called "7 days of the Internet". Quite an interesting and profitable proposal. With it, you can use the Internet on the terms of your tariff plan throughout the whole of Russia within a to connect roaming beeline Kazakhstan in Russia

You can again implement the idea severalways. So, you found the corporation "Beeline" roaming in Russia. How do I connect the Internet for travel, which would not have hit the pocket and budget? Call the operator and inform about their intentions (the number for this is 0611) - this is the first option. Among other things, you can use the "Personal Cabinet" on the official site, find there the service "7 days of the Internet" in the "Travel across Russia" section, and then click on the "Connect" button. It is also acceptable to use the USSD command. You dial * 115 * 361 # and send the request. A few minutes of waiting - and all problems are solved. Plus, if you dial 0674090361 and click on the call button, you will also be connected to the package "7 days of the Internet". Nothing complicated or special.

Important: Please note that these services are chargeable. You will be charged 99 rubles for connecting the package. Make sure beforehand that there are enough funds on the account. Otherwise, it will not be possible to implement the idea.

30 days of Internet

How to connect roaming on the "Beeline" in Russia onInternet for more than a week? For example, take advantage of a rather interesting package called "30 days of the Internet for travel around Russia." This is a service that allows you to use the World Wide Web on your usual terms for 30 days. The analogue of the previous version, but longer.

It is worth connecting 199 rubles. Acts, as already said, 30 days. This option is suitable for long trips.

To connect it, enough orUse the "Personal Cabinet" on the official website of "Beeline", or call the operator and report on the desired actions. The USSD-request * 115 * 261 # or the number 0674090161 is also suitable. Disconnection takes place in a similar way.bileline roaming in russia how to connect everywhere like at home

Easy roaming

Some are interested in how to connect roamingBeeline Kazakhstan in Russia. There will be a package called "Easy roaming". He has a daily tariff of 49 tenge. All calls will cost exactly the same.

To join these services,Use the combination * 120 * 139 #. After that, you will be charged for the first day of use. Note, if you do not refuse roaming, when it will no longer need, you will still be charged. Disconnection occurs after the request * 120 * 039 #.

So, we found out what a service isfrom "Beeline" "Roaming in Russia". How to connect and disable the appropriate tariffs - now, too, is not such a mystery. In addition, we now know how to use the Internet on favorable terms when traveling. Choose the option that suits you best, and then connect it.

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