Aquapark in Gorky Park

Aquapark in Gorky Park - a paradise in Almaty

Everyone loves to go to the water park in Gorky Park without exception. Indeed, it's good not only for children, but for adults too, because skiing from high hills does not leave anyone indifferent.

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Water Park in Gorky Park

На самом деле этот развлекательный парк called the "Eighth Wonder of the World", but people often call it in another way. It is located in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty. By the way, the water park is the largest and most famous in the city. Perhaps the whole point of the arrangement. After all, he is right in the center of the city, and maybe in the fact that hills and trees are green around the slides. If we add to this the local climate, mostly sunny and warm, then it turns out almost a paradise. Find a water park you can simply, its address: Almaty, st. Gogol, 1.

In the institution itself there are both open areas, soand closed, on which are located 8 fun water slides of different complexity and 6 pools. Open pools are open from early spring until early autumn. The institution can be visited from 11 to 22 hours. So, in the territory you can choose such popular slides as "Kamikaze", "Black Hole", "Abyss", as well as several multi-colored slides. The water park in Gorky Park offers visitors also a wave pool, saunas, a jacuzzi, a spa and opportunities for fun sports games.

For young children, separate shallow pools are provided, in which small slides and waterfalls are established.

Near the water park there is a whole entertainment complex, which includes a children's playground, a dinopark, an extreme park and many shops and restaurants for every taste.

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Prices for tickets to the water park are rather moderate. So, an adult entrance ticket to the pools will cost 4,500 tenge, which is approximately equal to 850 rubles, and it will be possible to ride a roller coaster for 5000 tenge.

Many different slides for children and adultsoffers a water park in Gorky Park. Discounts apply for children. So, the cost of admission to children's pools is 3300 tenge, and access to "Multislide", "Kamikaze" and "Abyss" can be obtained for 3800 tenge. In this case, children under 1 year can go to the water park for free. Please note that the difference in price does not depend on the age of the child, but on its growth. So, children are considered to be below 150 cm.

Also, when you visit, you should take into account that the amount of admission ticket can vary on weekdays and weekends.

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Apparently, visitors are always happy thatchosen for recreation water park in Gorky Park. Reviews only confirm this. So, visitors emphasize that in summer it is a pleasure to walk here, because the territory is simply buried in greenery and pleases the eye. Only individual visitors evaluate the park as bad, mostly they relate this to prices. However, the overwhelming majority is satisfied with the work of the water park, the staff and the attractions themselves.

The water park in Gorky Park is a place wherevisitors mostly go with children. Russians especially note in the comments that the territory is clean and there are no drunks, unlike the domestic resorts.

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